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Bubba Recipes

Veggie Crunchwrap
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Cheeseburger Stuffed Peppers
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Mushroom Bun Burger
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Grain-Free Eggs Benedict, Bubba Style
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Thai Style Turkey Burger Lettuce Wraps
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Brie and Blueberry Burger
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Jalapeño Popper Burgers
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Waffle Brunch Burger
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The Original BUBBA burger Patty Melt
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BUBBA Angus Beef Burger with Mushrooms & Onions
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Homegating Ranch Dip Recipe
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Buffalo Turkey BUBBA Burger
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Step 1
Put frozen burger on preheated grill or skillet.
Step 2
Cook until you see the juices rise to the top (5-6 minutes).
Step 3
Flip and don’t press!
Step 4
Let the burger cook until firm. Recommended internal temp of 160F.
Step 5
Put on a toasted bun, cover it with cheese and condiments…
Or don’t. It’s all you.