An American Burger Story

In the early 1990s, the BUBBA burger® was created by Walter “Bubba” Eaves. Bubba had a mission and a dream to create a perfect and juicy burger. As Bubba says “he wanted to create a burger that he would be proud to serve to his friends at his home.”

Bubba invented a unique production method that allows for the BUBBA burger® to be cooked from a frozen state and still remain juicy and flavorful. He also decided that he would use only the highest quality meat in his burger. He refused to use any fillers or trimmings in his burger and, to ensure the highest possible quality, decided to use only whole muscle meat chucks in the BUBBA burger®. Since he was so proud of his creation he named his burger the BUBBA burger® and with these high standards the BUBBA burger® was born!


Starting with the leading Southeastern grocery leader, distribution of the BUBBA burger® grew throughout the Southeast in both the retail and food service channels. Eaves Foods, Inc., run by BUBBA, began marketing the burger line, which initially included four great varieties:

Bubba was born and raised in Elberton, Georgia and he wanted to build a new “state-of-the-art” BUBBA burger® plant in his hometown where he could always keep his eye on the BUBBA burger®. Construction of the new plant was completed in 2000 just as Bubba decided that he wanted new partners in the business to help introduce the BUBBA burger® to the entire United States.

In November 2000, a new company was formed called Bubba Foods, LLC to take over all aspects of the BUBBA burger®.


The BUBBA burger® is now sold nationwide throughout the United States as well as world-wide through the U.S. Military Commissary system. The BUBBA burger® is the #1 Branded Frozen burger in the United States today with the original four varieties, as well as the following great additions to select from: