All Natural BUBBA burger burger

All Natural BUBBA burger

Ingredients: 100% USDA Natural Choice Chuck

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    • When you’re craving a recipe that includes real beef with none of the other stuff, there isn’t a better choice than our 100% All-Natural Premium Beef BUBBA burgers. There are no artificial fillers or colors! Our tender beef is juicy and satisfying, full of flavor, and has never been exposed to antibiotics, steroids, or added growth hormones.

      • Perfect for satisfying your craving without the extra filler
      • Quick and easy to prepare and ready in 10 minutes or less
      • Prepare frozen for convenience
      • 100% All-Natural
      • USDA choice chuck
      • Gluten-free, peanut and tree nut-free
      • Available in two-pound or four-pound packages

      Hurry! They are so good they are going off the shelves fast. Pick up our All Natural BUBBA burger at your favorite grocery store.

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All Natural BUBBA burger