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Everyone thinks burgers are the quintessential all-American food — and they are — but all it takes is a few simple ingredients to give your BUBBA burgers an easy international flair.  

Even if you can’t take a summer vacation, you can still bring the flavors from your favorite vacation spot home to your dinner table. Here are some fun ideas to take your BUBBA burger® international any day of the week —no passport needed! 

Port of Call: North America



Let’s start our culinary voyage right here in the good ol’ U.S.A. And in America, bigger is better, so we’ll start our all-American meal with a BIG BUBBA burger. Add a slice (or two!) of extra cheddar cheese and as many slices of bacon as your patriotic heart can handle. That’s the taste of freedom, baby! 


Now let’s take a little trip down Mexico way as we prepare to enjoy Hamburguesas Mexicanas, BUBBA burger® style. This culinary fiesta begins with the Jalapeño BUBBA burger®. Add some ham and your favorite cheese, maybe cheddar or pepper jack for a little extra kick. Tajin® seasoning or cumin will give your BUBBA burger® some extra south-of-the-border authenticity, then you can add traditional Mexican toppings like jalapeño and avocado to spice it up even further.   


Your guests will be declaring, “O Canada!” once they taste this poutine BUBBA burger® inspired by our neighbors to the north. To transform your BUBBA burger® into this classic symbol of Québécois culture, start with BUBBA burger® with Sweet Onions. Top it with pickles and steak-cut french fries, spread some garlic aioli on the bun, then smother the entire affair in brown gravy. One bite and your guests will oh-so politely agree that this BUBBA burger® puts the “great” in Great White North. 

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Port of Call: South America



South America’s largest country is known all over the world over for its grass-fed beef. So, it’s only natural that we pay tribute to this Brazilian tradition by starting with a Grass-Fed BUBBA burgerKick up the heat with a spicy peri peri sauce that is part of Brazil’s rich Portuguese heritage, add several slices of bacon, then top it off with a runny, fried egg to kick off a Carnival of flavors in a hamburger bun. 

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Port of Call: Europe



No international excursion would be complete without a visit to France — and the French leg of our culinary tour begins with the All-Natural BUBBA burger. Season with Herbes de Provence, an aromatic blend of dried Provençal herbs and spices, then top with Comté cheese, ketchup and caramelized sweet yellow onions to make your BUBBA burgers C’est magnifique! 


Transform your backyard or dining room into a cozy little trattoria quicker than you can say Viva I’talia! Just take a Reduced Fat BUBBA burger, add in a drizzle of balsamic and basil, then top it with marinara sauce and a slice of fresh melted mozzarella to give your burgers a little touch of la dolce vita, Italian style.  

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Port of Call: Asia



While it may be best known for its barbecue, you can also bring the authentic taste of Korea to your grill or stovetop with these spicy kimchi BUBBA burgers. You can liven up a delicious Wagyu BUBBA burgereven more by adding Korea’s favorite condiment, kimchi, then top it with arugula and chili-garlic mayo to thrill your soul with a little taste from Seoul. 


Now the exotic flavors of the Far East can be as close as your dining room table when you serve a spicy curry burger made with a Latin Grill or Original Veggie BUBBA burger. Sprinkle the burger with a touch of garam masala to bring out that authentic Indian taste and aroma, top with caramelized onions and curry-ketchup, then serve on a fresh potato bun to say namaste to flavor. 

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Port of Call: Africa

You may not be able to go on safari, but you can always bring Africa’s adventurous spirit to your next meal.  Your culinary journey begins by seasoning an Original BUBBA burger with a generous amount of curry powder. Then top the burger with red or green bell peppers, tomatoes and red onions and finish it off with a scotch bonnet hot sauce to give it some real African heat. 

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Port of Call: Australia

Now you can experience the taste of the outback in your own backyard. This Australian-inspired sensation begins with a BUBBA burger® Original Veggie Burger. Top it with Gruyere cheese, lettuce and tomato, beetroot and a fried egg, spread a little garlic-aioli on the bun, then Bob’s your uncle (that’s how Australians say, “You’re all set.”) 

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Do you have any international BUBBA burger recipes you’d like to share?

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