Easy Weeknight Meal Idea: BUBBA burger Bar

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This easy weeknight meal post written by BUBBA burgerbassador Courtney at The Chirping Moms, shares a convenient and fun way to do a BUBBA burger family dinner on those busy weekdays.

Today I’m sharing an easy weeknight meal idea: A Burger Bar. May and June are our busiest months for sports, end of school activities etc. We have 10 sports teams & 5 school classes… so managing schedules can be crazy! Dinnertime is important and while we like to always sit down together, there are nights when I have to be flexible.

We try our best to eat as a family every night. In May and June it’s impossible to do every night. If we can’t sit down for a meal, I have realized that making somewhat of a DIY dinner set up does mean everyone is at least in the kitchen together. I set up the food and everyone heads to the kitchen – where some people make it to go, some eat it at the table right then and some might have a bit now and a bit later. But with this recipe enjoy quality time in no time with BUBBA burgers.

May and June are busy months and also great months for grilling dinner. So lately I have been making a DIY burger bar. The whole family loves it. It’s easy, convenient and I even came up with some ways to make it a simple one to take on the go. I stocked up on BUBBA burgers which means even less prep and more family time. I can store BUBBA burgers in our freezer and they go right from the freezer to the grill and are ready in about 10 minutes. There’s no thawing needed so it’s super convenient. We can enjoy quick meals that don’t give up on quality

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