The Importance of Keeping BUBBA burgers Frozen

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Picture this: It’s a warm, sunny day and the entire family wants burgers! Sounds simple, right? But wait: Dad wants a thick, all-beef Angus burger, mom wants a low-fat turkey burger and the kids want bacon and cheddar. Purchasing the ingredients, forming all of the patties and then cooking them can seem overwhelming for just one meal — which is why BUBBA burger® is the perfect solution!

BUBBA burgers are ground in-house and frozen immediately after patties are formed at peak freshness for maximum deliciousness. That means everyone in the family can have exactly the burger they want with no added prep time or mess to clean up! Take your BUBBA burger® straight from the freezer to the grill, sauté pan, oven or air-fryer to craft a perfect, personalized meal for the entire family.

“But why would I choose frozen burgers?” you might ask. Well, our freezing technique protects the tenderness, juiciness and flavor of both beef and turkey, giving you all the satisfaction with none of the messiness. Meat that is frozen at peak freshness also preserves the nutritional aspects of the product ensuring that you’re getting the maximum number of essential vitamins, nutrients and amino acids. 


All this PLUS you don’t have to prep the burgers yourself? We know. It’s a dream come true. Now that you know all the benefits of BUBBA burgers, how do you cook them?

Before we get started, let’s address some common mistakes so that we can ensure our BUBBA burger® is perfect for your chosen cooking method!


Because there are no additives or preservatives, your BUBBA burger® won’t be able to hold its shape if it thaws to room temperature.


If your BUBBA burgers are frozen together when you remove them from the packaging, use a metal spatula to gently pull the patties apart. It’s important not to use a knife or other sharp object to avoid injury.


The perfect temperature for our All-Beef BUBBA burger® varieties is 160°F and for Turkey and Veggie burgers, 165°F. Any longer and you’ll potentially dry out your burger, missing out on maximum flavor. Pro Tip: If your burger is cupping or curling at the edges, you’re going too far!


We know it’s tempting, but don’t press your burger after you’ve given it the flip. All the delicious juices will run out and evaporate. Trust us, avoid pressing your patties and keep the juice in your burger, not on top of the charcoal under your grill rack.

Once you’ve read through the “do’s and don’ts,” you’re ready to choose your cooking method. Click the image below for more information on how to cook your BUBBA burger® for maximum enjoyment!