BUBBA burger® Is Great for Any Occasion

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BUBBA burgers are great for any occasion — lunches, tailgating, watch parties, picnics, holiday get-togethers. Still, you can enjoy BUBBA burgers safely anytime, anywhere — just make sure you follow your local social distancing protocols when you do.

So, what makes BUBBA burgers such a great choice  — other than the fact that they taste amazing? It’s because they’re so easy to enjoy. Since BUBBA burgers come out of the box ready to cook, there’s no prep time, less mess to clean up and you can cook them in about 10 minutes, which gives you more time to hang out with your guests.

With all the different varieties of BUBBA burgers to choose from, you can give your meals endless variety and everyone can have the burger they want. You can use BUBBA burger® Snack Bites for finger foods, throw Original BUBBA burgers and Turkey BUBBA burgers on the grill when you’re cooking out and even serve Veggie BUBBA burgers that your vegan and vegetarian guests will enjoy. BUBBA burgers also work well with many popular diets — just check out our previous blog, “Incorporating BUBBA burger in a Healthy Diet”.

This goes-with-anything versatility is precisely what makes BUBBA burger® such a delicious match for any kind of get-together. And they’re so quick and easy to make, you can throw something together on short notice anytime, anywhere. In fact, they’re so quick and easy that you can create the perfect crowd-pleaser for any occasion using just three ingredients — as long as one of those ingredients is a BUBBA burger®.


Three-Ingredient BUBBA burger® Recipes for Any Occasion:

Queso Dip:

  1. Heat a melting cheese product like Velveeta®
  2. Crumble up cooked Jalapeno BUBBA burger® patties and stir them into the melting cheese — you can substitute BUBBA burger® Turkey Burgers if you’d like a less spicy option
  3. Add your favorite jar of salsa and enjoy!


  1. Warm up some heat n’ serve dinner rolls
  2. Slip some BUBBA burger® Gourmet Sliders into those rolls
  3. Top with cheddar cheese slices, slide them over the plate and chow down

BUBBAs in a Blanket:

  1. Slice cooked Original BUBBA burgers to fit in a crescent roll
  2. Roll each patty quarter in a crescent roll and bake as directed
  3. Sprinkle them with everything bagel seasoning and bon appetit

For more amazing BUBBA burger® recipes, visit our All Things BUBBA page!

So, next time you’re planning any occasion, load up on Original BUBBA burgers, Sliders, Veggie Burgers and Snack Bites to quickly and easily kick your favorite party foods up to the next level. Click here to find your closest BUBBA burger® retailer!