What Makes BUBBA burger® So Original

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To fully understand what goes into an Original Beef BUBBA burger®, we need to start at the beginning…

BUBBA burger® started out as a dream that Walter “Bubba” Eaves had to create the perfect burger. He wanted something that was easy to cook, delicious and would be enjoyed countrywide for decades to come. It was clear then that a frozen burger patty would work best as it could retain the juicy, high-quality, rich flavor of beef that Bubba’s perfect burger would need. That burger is now what we call our “Original” BUBBA burger®.


Our Original Beef BUBBA burgers always start out with only ONE ingredient: 100% USDA Choice beef chuck. That’s it. Just BEEF. While most other frozen burger patties include blends of different beef cuts, which can include lower-quality grades, as well as a laundry list of hard-to-pronounce ingredients, we don’t add any fillers, additives, preservatives or sodium to our beef burgers. Remember Bubba’s dream? A perfect burger on its own. No extras needed.

We grind our beef chuck in-house and form the patties into our perfectly irregular trademarked shape. BUBBA burger® trivia: Just like a cloud in the sky, our burger patties are seen differently by every person. We wonder… What does a BUBBA burger® patty look like to you? To us, they look DELICIOUS!


The way our patties look isn’t just for visual aesthetics though! After shaping, indentations are formed on both sides of our beef burger (only on one side for turkey BUBBA burger® varieties), and these indentations help to distribute heat evenly, help juices flow and ultimately result in a more delicious burger for you!

You’d think that great taste would be all the reason you need to grab a BUBBA burger® — and it is — but they’re also as convenient as they are juicy and delicious. BUBBA burgers are good to go whenever you are — they can go straight from chilling to grilling with no thawing needed. You can quickly prepare a few for dinner or a lot for a cookout. And since you don’t have to form the patties yourself, you aren’t stuck with messy hands or counters to clean up! It also means less dishes to wash at the end of the night.

Ready to try an Original Beef BUBBA burger® for yourself? We thought you might be. Click here to find your closest BUBBA burger® retailer!