Tips For Hosting an Easy 4th of July BBQ

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It’s almost time for 4th of July parties! 4th of July BBQs are one of BUBBAbassador Courtney’s favorite parties all year.

Whether you are poolside, watching fireworks or simply having a bbq in the backyard, it’s always a fun and festive party. Below, The Chirping Moms blog shares a few tips for hosting an easy 4th of July BBQ.

Since it’s usually an outdoor party, the color theme is always red, white & blue and any cooking usually takes place on the grill, it’s a good time to host a party that’s more relaxed and easy. To make things even easier, if you like the ideas in the post, print out the shopping list at the end of the post.

Hosting an Easy 4th of July BBQ

1. Red White & Blue Chips & Dip

This is the easiest way to make a festive app/ side for 4th of July. Grab red, white and blue tortilla chips. I even found red star shaped chips at the store! Then salsa and white queso make for the perfect red and white dips for the chips.

bubba burger side dish

2. Grab the Glow Sticks

Whether your guests will be heading to watch fireworks or just running around outside at the BBQ on 4th of July, glow sticks make for a fun little favor. I grab a bunch at the dollar store and tie little bundles to put on the table. As it starts to get dark guests can grab them and wear them… or they light up the table!

bubba burger party time

3. Another 4th of July BBQ tip for making things easier: stock up on BUBBA burgers.

You’ll be able to enjoy quality time in no time with BUBBA burgers.  In the beginning of the summer, I stock up and store BUBBA burgers in our freezer. When it’s time for a BBQ, they go right from the freezer to the grill and are ready in about 10 minutes. There’s no thawing needed so it’s super convenient.BUBBA Burgers are so convenient and make party planning easier.  They always taste great and are easy to cook so your 4th of July guests will be impressed. Find your favorite BUBBA burger near you!

festive july 4 bubba burgers

4. Two Easy Tips for Festive Burgers:

If you want to make your BUBBA burgers festive for the 4th I have 2 easy ideas. One is to get little American flag toothpicks. I got mine on Amazon. The other is to cut stars out of cheese and stick them on top of the bun with the flag toothpick. In just a few minutes you go from having regular burgers to super festive 4th of July burgers!

bubba burger july 4 backyard party

5. A Festive Dessert: Red, White & Blue Berry Shortcake 

This is festive, delicious recipe. It’s served cold and that plus all the fresh fruit make it a perfect summertime dessert.

bubba burger party dessert

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