BUBBAbassador Lexi’s secret to entertaining a large party: an epic burger charcuterie board! In this blog post, she shares how to make a delicious burger board that is perfect for feeding a crowd.

It’s no secret that our family loves any excuse to entertain. In the summer, entertaining for us is all about simplicity and fun. Whether we randomly have the neighbors over for burgers and playing in the sprinklers (I’m pretty sure our kids could run through the sprinklers for hoooouuuurrrrsss) or we plan an afternoon shindig on our back porch, I always try to keep the menu easy and accessible.

How to Make a Delicious Burger Charcuterie Board

This summer, that meant testing out the burger charcuterie board complete with the best BUBBA burgers, and let me tell you: a giant burger board is one epic (and easy!) way to serve burgers to a crowd.

The idea is simple: pull out your favorite wood serving board or big platter, cook up and set out your favorite burger ingredients and toppings, and assemble that bad boy!

Per usual, I had my tiny helpers along for the ride, and they absolutely loved squirting things like ketchup and our famous burger sauce into little bowls, helping mommy to slice up avocado, tomatoes, and lettuce, and sneaking pickle slices every chance they got.

I added our own spin to the burger charcuterie board, making a quick side dish of classic baked beans and cooking up onions (because cooked onions are SO good.) We also threw french fries and sweet potato fries into the air fryer to add to our burger charcuterie board so that the burger board was a complete (and delicious) meal all in one.

burger board

Our Favorite Burgers

The most important part of our burger charcuterie board are the delicious, juicy BUBBA burgers. We like to keep a box of BUBBA burgers in our freezer for quick meals that don’t give up on quality; especially in the summertime months when we throw together random dinners quite often.

BUBBA burgers are made with 100% USDA Choice Chuck; no fillers, no artificial ingredients, and no preservatives – and you can just cook your burgers straight from the freezer on the grill or in a skillet. BUBBA burgers are ready in about 10 minutes – and taste so good! Find your favorite BUBBA burger near you.

Burger Charcuterie Board Ingredients

How do you serve up your burgers at parties? Would you try a burger charcuterie board? We’ve found that we can enjoy quality time in no time with BUBBA burgers and the burger board is such a fun, crowd-pleasing, simple way to serve up those burgers!

burger board

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