Beef Up Game Day with BUBBA burger

Big Game. Bigger Appetite. 

Game days are all about coming together with friends and family, cheering for your favorite teams, and savoring delicious food. Tailgating is always an option, but we think there’s something special about hosting a game day gathering in the comfort of your own home. To make your game day even more memorable, don’t forget to incorporate BUBBA burgers in your menu. Our mouthwatering burgers will take your at-home game day experience to the next level, ensuring that your guests leave with full bellies and big smiles.

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The Ultimate BUBBA burger Experience

BUBBA burgers are the epitome of convenience and taste. Our high-quality patties are made from 100% USDA Choice beef and come in various beef, turkey, and veggie flavors. We even have 4-lb family boxes with double the BUBBA burgers in each box – perfect for hosting parties like this! Here’s how to incorporate BUBBA burger into your game day feast:

  1. Create a Burger Bar: Set up a burger bar with all the fixings. Slice tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and pickles. Lay out a variety of condiments like ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, and barbecue sauce. Don’t forget the cheese – cheddar, American, and Swiss are great choices. This allows your guests to build their own perfect BUBBA burger. Check out this awesome BUBBA burger board recipe for some more inspo!
  2. Grilling Perfection: Fire up the grill and cook the BUBBA burgers according to the package instructions. Check out our How to Cook page with more info on various cooking methods! With BUBBA burgers, you don’t have to worry about prep work; they come perfectly seasoned and ready to cook. The sizzle and aroma from the grill will set the game day mood.
  3. Delicious Sides: Complement your BUBBA burgers with a variety of sides. Classic options like coleslaw, potato salad, and baked beans are always crowd-pleasers. For a healthier twist, consider serving a fresh salad or vegetable platter with a tasty dip.
  4. Game Day Beverages: Offer a selection of beverages to quench everyone’s thirst. Stock up on a variety of soft drinks, iced tea, and water. For the adults, have some beer and cocktails ready to go.
  5. Sweet Treats: Finish off the meal with some sweet treats. Finger foods like brownies, cookies, or mini cupcakes are perfect for indulging during the game.

Game Day Entertainment

Aside from the main event on the TV, consider setting up a gaming station with board games, cards, or video games for halftime entertainment. This will keep guests engaged and entertained throughout the day, even during commercial breaks.


The Winning Touch: Prizes and Contests

To add an extra layer of excitement to your game day celebration, organize some friendly contests and offer prizes. Have a “Best Burger Creation” contest, where guests can show off their burger-making skills using BUBBA burgers and toppings.

Cheers to Great Company, Delicious BUBBA burgers, and Unforgettable Memories! 

With BUBBA burger at the heart of your game day celebration, you’re guaranteed to win big with your guests. The convenience and deliciousness of these burgers make them the perfect choice for a relaxed and enjoyable gathering at home. So, fire up the grill and get ready for a game day experience that your friends and family will be talking about long after the final whistle.

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